Hi There! I'm Raj.

Dr. Raj Gopaal Iyer is an entrepreneur who has been in the hospitality industry for about 40 years. But more than an aggressive business man he has another side of life as an Indian celebrity chef who has had the honor of serving some of the elite members in politics, film industry, royal families and business tycoons.

Hailing from an Iyer family, he has been fond of cooking since childhood. His mother who according to him is the best in cooking scrumptious dishes, has influenced him largely.

His love for cooking made him innovate and create unique dishes which has impressed many renowned chefs. Some of those dishes are even signature dishes in many of the 5 star hotels around India. His love for food doesn’t stop there, he has also achieved many world records as well. To name a few; ‘The largest miscellaneous pudding cake’, ‘The tallest sandwich’, ‘The tallest Christmas cake’, the list goes on.

It is his passion to cook and share that experience and knowledge with the others. So far he has successfully launched two cook books 'Southern Curries' and 'Raj Snacks'. His third food related book, ‘Cocktails, Chutneys, Kebabs’, which will be launched soon depicts some of his favorite recipes. The book shares recipes of some of the most unique yet easy to cook dishes one can prepare even at their homes.

Jab We Meet is another giant leap to reach more people and let them know that cooking is fun even if it is pure vegetarian.

Jab We Meet blog launched by Viv Richards, Former Cricketer

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